Leadership in Financial Services


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Richard Nolan

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Leadership in Financial Services

The next issue of Argent will focus on leadership in the financial services sector. The theme will be linked to The Forum’s inaugural Marketing Leaders List, published at the end of November 2015.

As always, we would like to collect a selection of comments on the topic from our Members for the Sixty Seconds article.

Those at the helm of our industry have been central to much criticism in recent years. But a plethora of new regulations, changing workforce dynamics and political challenge has set the new agenda for financial services.

Now, the pressure is on to demonstrate the most effective use of marketing resources – leading the way in customer-centricity, innovation, product development and talent management – to make an impact and improve delivery for the financial services industry as a whole.

We would like to ask Forum Members for their views on the characteristics of ‘great leadership’ that will help shape the future marketing generation.

We’d be delighted to have your thoughts – in about 120 words.

We will select the best for publication as part of our article in the November issue.

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Jan 22, 2016

Leaders, whether in marketing or not, must demonstrate a high degree of empathy. The ability to inspire and connect with people is absolutely crucial. Everything else is secondary in my opinion. Can you learn this? No. You either have it or you don’t.

Oct 30, 2015

I gree. Successful marketing leaders draw learnings and inspiration from outside the sector they work in. Great Marketing


Nigel Gilbert

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer


Oct 23, 2015

Having a real clarity of purpose is essential for all leaders, whatever field they work in. They should define the ‘cause’ that their followers can believe in. Authenticity is essential. The best businesses are built on clear values that inform and guide everything they do. A great marketing leader is one that makes sure every part of the business is living and breathing the brand and its values. Leaders must give relentless attention to delivering the right outcomes for their customers while sweating every asset to drive efficiency and effectiveness. But most of all, great marketing leaders need to understand that their brand is founded on the customer experience. That’s all it is, and everything it is.


Dominic Traynor

Global Head of Digital Experience

BNY Mellon

Oct 19, 2015

Like a human GPS, great leaders set and communicate the direction and find the best way to get there. They’re able to adjust the route and course-correct if necessary. The FS road ahead is full of road bumps but also big rewards as long as you navigate these correctly. Great leaders will inspire others to join them on the journey, have the self-confidence to go off-road every now and again but also the nous to get back on the straight and narrow when it’s the right time. Above all they’ll have the destination in mind but keep their eyes on the road at all times.


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