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Our two award programmes celebrate the very best of financial services marketing.

Highly regarded throughout the industry, winning a Financial Services Forum award is a feather in the cap for any marketer – and one that you can rightly be proud of.

You’ve got to be in it to win it though, so tell us how extraordinary your team are by taking part in our Awards for Innovation and Awards for Marketing Effectiveness.

2022 Awards for Marketing Effectiveness

Our Awards for Marketing Effectiveness have become one of the industry’s most sought-after and prestigious accolades.

The purpose of the Awards for Marketing Effectiveness has remained the same since they were introduced in 2002:

• to create a better understanding of the role and impact of marketing
• to prove, beyond doubt, that marketing can be effective
• to promote and reward those achieving exceptional marketing effectiveness

Although the size of budget will have an impact on the reach of the campaign and the creative work will play an important part in its delivery, both have a limited impact in the judging process. It is effectiveness that counts – did the marketing activity achieve or exceed the targets set?

Key Dates

  • Entries open for 2022: April 2022
  • Shortlist announced: September 2022

2022 Awards for Innovation

Innovation is no longer just a process or supplement to core business strategy but a central tenet: a reminder to continuously strive for ongoing transformation.

The importance of innovation in financial services and its vital role in engaging with and empowering customers in the future has gained increasing momentum since the launch of our Awards for Product & Service Innovation in 2018.

The very best entries in this programme show how the innovation achieved or exceeded its objectives and goals – and also how it added value for the business and their customers. An indication of the very best innovations may also be the speed at which they are adopted or copied by the rest of the market!

Key Dates

  • Opening for 2022: January 2022
  • Awards Ceremony: June 2022


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