Freshen Up – The Ins & Outs of Brand Refreshes

With Nationwide & St. James’s Place among those undertaking large-scale brand refreshes within the last 12 months, what are the main drivers for choosing to give your brand a touch up? 

A successful refresh can realign a brand with its purpose, keep it relevant and even deflect negative press, but it is no small feat and getting things wrong can risk derailing your entire project. 

Our panel of experienced marketing leaders will share their top tips and best practice for executing a successful brand refresh campaign, and will cover:

  • When and why to refresh a brand
  • The importance of crafting a strong new identity
  • Ensuring a consistent roll-out across all touchpoints
  • What made previous brand refreshes work… and others fail


Chaired by:

  • Lucian Camp, Brand & Marketing Consultant, Lucian Camp Consulting




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