SJP spotlights “invaluable advice” in new ad

Alex Sword


The Financial Services Forum

St. James’s Place (SJP) has launched its new brand campaign focusing on the power of “invaluable advice”.

The new ads tell the story of a father and his daughter progressing through life from birth through childhood and relationships. As his daughter grows up, the father gives various forms of parental advice.

This is juxtaposed with an SJP professional giving the father some advice about his retirement.

The ad was created with Ogilvy, while the media planning aspects are being run by Mindshare.

The flagship television ad will be supported by radio and online activations around the same characters.

“Our TV ad tells the story of a father and daughter, showcasing the enduring strength of their bond,” the firm said in a statement. “It’s a rollercoaster of life moments – from baby cuddles and teenage chaos to the big milestones of adulthood.

“It shares poignant moments of wisdom, embraces vulnerability with warmth and humour, and gently reminds us of the inevitable changes that come with time.

“Woven through it all is a message of the incredible power that a few wise words from a trusted adviser can have in shaping the course of our lives.”

The new campaign builds on SJP’s brand refresh, unveiled at the beginning of 2022. This saw the firm dropping “wealth management” from its name, adding new brand colours, redesigning its logo and reducing the prominence of its trademark lion to a watermark.

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