Ethical Financial Service Brands


Brand Strategy, Retail Banking

Richard Nolan

Operations Director

The Financial Services Forum

Ethical Financial Service Brands

With challenging questions being asked of banks in terms of their role in society, what should banks (and other financial services providers) be doing to demonstrate commitment to the communities they serve?

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Scott Davidson

Research Director - Financial Services

Harris Interactive

Mar 2, 2016

Hi Richard - this probably overlaps with my brand-related response in another discussion thread but ... again, I think banks should be demonstrating shared values with their customers so as to (re-)build credibility and trust. 'Values' could be interpreted as 'beliefs' - and 'beliefs' can give a business a reason for existing, i.e. doing some good for their customers and the community as a whole. Co-Op hit a bit of a low 18 months ago, but they moved quickly to sort things out and restore the faith of their customers - in some of our own research, we have seen this bounce-back evidenced by hard, customer quantitative data.


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