The Future of Finance

Richard Nolan

Operations Director

The Financial Services Forum

In this video, taken from The Forum’s Annual Members’ Conference in 2014, Simon explains how digital currencies such as Bitcoin, peer to peer lending and CrowdFunding will affect the future of banking and finance.
Simon Dixon is author of the book ‘Bank to the Future’. An active banking reformer and director of the UK Digital Currency Association & UK CrowdFunding Association, who regularly speaks on the future of finance to governments, businesses, investors and financial institutions. An ex-investment banker that left corporate in 2006 to launch his first business, angel funded by billionaire Peter Hargreaves and advocate of CrowdFunding since raising finance for through Equity CrowdFunding on its own platform. You will find Simon regularly quoted & appearing in much of the major press & media including BBC, FT, Reuters, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal to mention a few.

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