The Forum Buzz: Spring Schedule is HERE!


Jasmine Cutajar

Conference Producer

The Financial Services Forum

We have been busy here at The Forum working on our upcoming event schedule that will take us all the way to the middle of July where we will close off with our summer party that celebrates the 20th year of The Financial Services Forum.

We have a full schedule with our aim being to make a full return to physically live events – please do take the time to register for our exciting events with different interactive sessions on a range of topics from discussing ads, brands, and different working patterns. We will be talking about everything that is hot – and what is not! Whilst we plan to for our events physically live, we shall be running some insightful webinar content that will look at achieving customer service excellence in FS.

Whilst we have been busy, the wider Incisive Media team has announced exciting news as the business, The Financial Services Forum, and the business sustainability portfolios have been acquired by new owners, The Arc Team, a global event, data, and media business. For our members and the faces behind our brands, nothing will change. You can still expect to see the same names and people, delivering great membership service, content, and awards our members rely on.

An exciting week for our team and the wider business, we look forward to seeing our esteemed members in-person in our highly insightful and interactive sessions

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