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Yasmin Malecki

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The second episode of the Digital Trailblazer series, brought to you by Hub TV, features Jay Shetty, Senior Host, Presenter and Producer at the Huffington Post. Prior to that he was a Digital Strategy & Innovation Consultant at Accenture.
Jay is an award-winning digital strategy and innovation consultant, with deep expertise and focus on presenting, digital marketing, social media strategy, editorial planning, online executive branding, digital business and reporting.
With a background in advising global financial services, telecoms and retail brands on digital marketing solutions, social media content channel and audience engagement strategies, Jay now resides in New York working with Arianna Huffington on her latest venture, Thrive Global.
One of Jay’s passions is for storytelling and using it in marketing. With experience of a number of brands, Jay explores storytelling and just why it’s so powerful. Any brand that wants to use, or does use, storytelling in their brand communications will benefit from watching this latest Digital Trailblazer episode.

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