M&G and BlackRock use apps to reach new investors

Alex Sword


The Financial Services Forum

BlackRock and M&G are using apps to bring investment funds to retail investors.

M&G has partnered with Moneyfarm to launch an app called &me which will allow retail investors to choose from a range of different products.

These include stocks and shares ISAs, junior ISAs, personal pensions and general investment accounts.

The app builds a picture of each investor’s goals and risk appetite based on a series of simple questions, recommending a portfolio to these parameters. If the user wants more bespoke advice or reassurance, they can also speak to a consultant through the app.

The minimum investment to use the &me app is £500.

Shanti Kelemen, CIO, M&G Wealth said: “Unlike savings, investing involves an element of uncertainty. This is because when investing, your money is linked to the stock market and other assets which rise and fall in value.

“However, the longer you stay invested, the more likely your money will outgrow traditional savings accounts. So, once you have enough cash put away for a rainy day, considering investing the rest can be a smart move.”

Meanwhile, BlackRock is bringing its ETFs to savers across eight European countries through a new partnership with a fintech app.

The world’s largest asset manager is working with online broker BUX to allow retail investors to build their own portfolios of iShares ETFs, aimed at helping customers build long-term savings. The product requires a minimum investment of €10 per month.

The offering will be launched in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria and Ireland. BUX has over 1 million users and is primarily advertised as a platform for direct investing into stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Christian Bimueller, Head of Digital Distribution Continental Europe, BlackRock, said: “When investing is made cost efficient and accessible, millions of investors turn to iShares ETFs as tools to build investment portfolios and achieve financial well-being.”

He added that the partnership “creates an efficient way for investors across Europe to reach the benefits of ETFs and investing in global markets in a simple, accessible and cost-efficient format.”

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