Why Your Digital Footprint Matters

Even as I write this introduction, the world is changing. Never before has the importance of storytelling been so impactful and potentially life changing. As shocked as we may be, Donald Trump’s victory in the race for the White House is evidence of the power and infl uence of social media and the digital age.
So, imagine our surprise when our findings reveal that 88% of the Top 50 leading private equity firms scored less than 50% and are providing digital communications that lack quality engagement or audience-centric content. Two of the Top 50 do not even have a website!
Why audience focus matters.
By providing specific, audience-centric content, private equity firms are signalling to portfolio companies and investors their shared ambitions. Enabling your audience to access carefully considered digital content is paramount. In the battle for dollars and assets under management, deal flow and mandates, without demonstrating your capabilities and track record, what are you saying to your audience? Shouldn’t your Portfolio page demonstrate your industry knowledge, track record and expertise?
In the report (please click the download button to view the full PDF version) we examine the digital engagement of Private Equity International’s Top 50 firms, looking at their digital footprint from their websites to their social media engagement. Could do better, would be my summary!

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