Retail Banking Coronavirus Weekly Insights – Week End 24 August 2020

Fiona Blades

President and Chief Experience Officer

MESH Experience

This week’s insights found that some people state their financial situation has improved during the pandemic. Also, paid advertising reached less people this week.

Opportunity to create solutions for those feeling better off
20% of participants are feeling slightly/much better off as a result of the pandemic.  This could provide an opportunity for banks to create solutions for this customer group.
Higher word of mouth generated by news
The increase in recent news within the retail banking category is resulting in increased conversations, both online and in real life.
Less reached by advertising and customer comms
The percentage of people reporting paid advertising experiences has declined, with Barclays, amongst others, dropping off.  The reach of owned experiences has also gone down this week.  We would anticipate seeing reach increase in September.

View the data on the dashboard here.
Read the commentary on MESH’s blog here.

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