Research: Impact of Covid-19 on Financial Behaviours

Martin Grimwood

Senior Client Officer, Financial Services

Ipsos MORI

We’re delighted that our friends at IPSOS Mori have made this fascinating and topical report free, and given us permission to share it with Members on our Knowledge Centre.
This is the first report from FRS Money Talks. Here, Flora Vieites – FRS Divisional Director, gives an overview of the study.

“Prior to Covid-19, many of you were asking us ‘why’ we could see some of the results in our FRS data, so we decided to add the ‘why’ to the ‘what’ by developing our FRS qualitative Community; Money Talks.

With an ever-changing financial landscape – from disruptor brands entering the market, mergers and acquisitions, and bigger issues such as Brexit, sustainability and now COVID-19 – having the ability to dig deeper into the evolving requirements of the financial consumer has never been more important.

This forum will enable us to be quick and agile, and we hope that the insights in this free to use initial report, provides some answers to the questions being asked by your business.

The next report following this on the 1st May will expand on some of the themes introduced here, and the subsequent waves we will be exploring the main current account landscape and debt management, among other things!”

This report has been provided on a complimentary basis. But if you’d like to discuss subscription options, please drop Martin Grimwood, Senior Client Officer, Financial Services, a note at [email protected].
You can download the full research report here: Ipsos FRS Money Talks_Behavioural Impact of Covid 19 April 24 2020

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