MarTech, FinTech, Hippos and Investment Pathways: April-June 2021 Calendar

Jasmine Butler Burnham

Marketing Manager

The Financial Services Forum

It’s finally here.

Take a look at what we have planned over the coming months. From MarTech to FinTech, by way of a hippo and up an investment pathway: there’s something for everyone.

Once you’ve selected the events that you’d like to attend, save your slot by registering via the website. Our plan for the next quarter is to continue with our webinar programme, which includes virtual roundtable workshops, a fully interactive digital conference and our tried and tested presentation and panel discussion format. We are currently hoping to reintroduce physical events in Q3 and 4 and will also be considering using a hybrid model to capture or stream the sessions for those who are unable to make it.

We have an exciting array of topics coming up over the next few months, ranging from sector specific issues, such as the marketing challenges presented by the introduction of investment pathways and the new role of sponsorship in insurance. And, of course, our marketing discipline sessions, when we’ll be covering topics such as the changing advertisement landscape and how to supercharge your on-page SEO.

Download the calendar here: Financial Services Forum – Calendar of Events April-June 2021

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