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Richard Nolan

Operations Director

The Financial Services Forum

Multinational insurer Aviva rebranded its loyalty programme to help the company stand out from competitors and reduce high customer switching rates. By offering a little bit extra, it has transformed customer engagement.
You can read the full Award Case Study by downloading the PDF version.
In 2013, Aviva faced a problem common to all price-driven industries: customer retention.
With 30% of customers leaving their chosen car insurance provider every year (E-benchmarkers. 6 months to October 2013) and popular aggregators listing products by lowest price rather than service rating, Aviva needed to act quickly. Insurance customers industry-wide receive very little communication from their providers after what is often a significant purchase, with contact focused around claims or renewals.
Aviva had already seen some success in driving engagement through a customer pilot scheme, Aviva Deals, which offered customers money off a limited number of third party brands through quarterly emails.
The company saw an opportunity to differentiate itself from the competition by rebranding this pilot programme to deliver customer incentives and recognition.
The aim was to:
1. Drive scale and engagement with the programme.
2. Rebrand the programme to reflect Aviva’s recent decision to stop discounting at acquisition and reflect the new brand promise ‘No-one recognises you like Aviva’.
3. Demonstrate return on investment of the rebranded programme – do customers that get the programme stay longer and buy more?
You can read the full article by downloading the PDF version.

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