Grumpy Old Researchers

Felix Thomson

Content Executive

The Financial Services Forum

Neil McPhee and Derek Farr take a satirical look at the world of market research. Or do they … ?
Welcome, Derek Farr. You are chairman and owner of a market research company, which undertakes a lot of research for several well-known businesses.
Well, I might be, depending on what questions you are going to ask me. I have a business to protect, you know. What do you want to know?
I’m not sure yet, that depends on the answers you give me. 
Oh that’s okay then. We in research are well used to dealing with that sort of thing; and it’s so much easier if clients don’t know what they want … it gives us more of a blank canvas.
What type of things might you want to talk about, then?
I am not exactly sure. I thought we could just have a bit of a chat.
Don’t you have a – what’s it called? – a topic guide? We are professionals in market research, we don’t just have “a bit of a chat” – we can’t put that in our proposals, can we? Just ask any of our clients.
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