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We continue our coverage of the best of the case histories from the 2005 Financial Services Forum Awards for Marketing Effectiveness with a winning submission from Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks and commended entries from Sainsbury’s Bank and Bank of Ireland. Yorkshire and Clydesdale and Bank of Ireland also picked up the two special awards made by the judges.
The challenge facing the business
The automated teller machine (ATM) business is competitive and complex, and relies on encouraging repeat and increased usage. Therefore, ATMs must be as available and as accessible as possible – to all customer segments.
However, National Australia Group (NAG), like all organizations providing ATM services, has been unable to supply this service easily to all customers. Dyslexic and sight-impaired people have long been denied full access to this most convenient day-to-day banking channel. Approximately 4% of the UK population – 2m people – have impaired sight, and this figure is increasing. The issue of access to ATMs will therefore continue to grow in significance, further affecting usage and achievement of the desired transaction volumes. NAG has an organization-wide commitment to servicing all customer segments. This commitment is a core strategy and is growing in importance. Therefore, a solution to the business challenge as outlined was needed.
Such a solution would clearly be constrained by the physical structure and industry standards for machines and sites, and the capital-intensive nature of significant changes to machine configuration and operations. But there was also an opportunity. The first organization to develop a solution that met the needs of this segment could also benefit from likely positive customer, industry and media sentiment; and would also potentially benefit on interchange fees as more non-customers were drawn to the machines.
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