Receptional Webinar: How to use machine learning to superpower your display ads

Matt Loughlin

Head of Paid Search


Our last webinar before Spring break focused on how machine learning can boost the impact of display advertising.
Matthew Loughlin, Head of Paid Search at Receptional, talked about the importance of a “full funnel” approach to reach people as widely as possible, as 96% of the time people are online they are not on search. Search advertising also has high cost per click for financial services companies.

While display advertising used to be mainly about building awareness, Matthew said that it can now be used to boost consideration and conversion.

“Display advertising offers us the change to get in front of our audience when they’re not actively searching for our products or services when we know they’re still very interested in your offering.”

He talked through some of the challenges companies face around advertising and how they can be resolved:

• The dilemma of choosing between brand and performance marketing
• Perceptions that targeting is poor
•Difficulties in obtaining creative
• Concerns over brand reputation
He also gave some top approaches to tackling display ads, including:
• Complementing search advertising with display
• Targeting competitor traffic
• Upper funnel content promotion
• Ways to protect a brand

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Like to find out about partnering with us or suggesting a speaker for one our events?