Improving the Communications That Matter – a Behaviour-Led Approach

Ed Knight

Senior Consultant


Every year the banking industry sends over a billion communications informing customers of updates and changes to their accounts. These ‘mandatory and regulatory’ messages directly affect customers but rarely get the attention they deserve.

This invitation-only breakfast seminar will use real-life examples to consider the benefits of investing time and effort into this overlooked yet increasingly important aspect of the customer experience. Speakers from Lloyds Banking Group and its marketing partner Signal will explain:

  • How behavioural economics can transform Mandatory & Regulatory comms into brand-building moments for customers, increase NPS scores and reduce queries.
  • How being smarter with data can free up internal teams, realise enormous cost savings and create tailored delivery channels to customers’ preferences.
  • How more collaborative, agile processes can make these typically challenging projects flow better, and keep employees happier

Claire Hovey, Behavioural Economics Specialist, Marketing Operations, Lloyds Banking Group
Ed Knight, Senior Consultant, Signal
Jennifer Hill, Behavioural Communications Consultant, Signal
Kathryn Gorin, Senior Manager, Mandatory & Regulatory Communications, Lloyds Banking Group
Chair: David Cowan, Managing Director, The Financial Services Forum

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Like to find out about partnering with us or suggesting a speaker for one our events?

Like to find out about partnering with us or suggesting a speaker for one our events?