CMO Surgery – Covid-19 & Social Media, an Opportunity for FS Brands?

Jasmine Butler Burnham

Marketing Manager

The Financial Services Forum

Amid the outbreak of Covid-19, consumers are seeking advice and information now more than ever to map a path to financial health.

With lockdowns and social-distancing the norm, new tranches of people are engaging with digital platforms for the first time, creating a golden opportunity for businesses to use social channels engage and support consumers, while keep their brand at the forefront when selling isn’t an option.

BUT social media can also be a hotbed for negativity, where individuals and businesses complain about service, technical issues, and corporate stances they object to. And then there’s the compliance issues. Join our expert panel as they lift the lid on how to navigate the pitfalls to harness the power of social during the era of coronavirus.

Sharing knowledge, expertise and learning is in The Forum’s DNA; never has this been a more urgent imperative if FS businesses are to survive the global crisis and help keep the UK economy going. Our weekly CMO Surgery features a panel of senior marketers discussing their thinking and approach to the challenges thrown up by the pandemic.


Camilla Hoskisson, Digital Marketing Manager, AIG Life (UK) Ltd
Richard Eccleston, Social & Digital Media Manager, Wesleyan Group
Tracy Knatt, Head of Web & Social Media, AXA Investment Managers

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