Working Patterns: Does One Size Fit All?



Is your team engaged to survive hybrid working?

Emerging from two years of lockdowns and work-from-home regulations, businesses are having to deal with a very different set of employee expectations. Finding the right balance of work practices in the post-pandemic world that ensures productivity, creativity, collaboration, and company culture is a huge challenge.

With the genie out of the bottle, how can businesses ensure a creative collaborative atmosphere across multiple "offices", while training new colleagues in company processes?

Join The Financial Services Forum as we attempt to decode the optimum solutions for hybrid working that create a long-term sustainable workplace that retains existing staff, attracts new talent and delivers sustainable long-term productivity.



Ed Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder, PushFar

Simon Bassett, Chief Executive Officer, TML Partners

Marcello Arona, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Investment Managers UK & GS

Chaired by David Cowan, Managing Director, The Financial Services Forum


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