When Things Go Wrong: Managing Reputation in Times of Crisis

From global pandemics to financial misconduct, cyber-attacks, hostile takeovers, regulatory violation, and wayward CEOs. Crises come in all shapes and sizes.

And navigating crises is becoming more challenging especially amongst financial services firms, exacerbated by a 24/7 news cycles, evolving regulations, turbulent economic disruption and growing public pressure.

But regardless of the shape or size of a crisis, the reputational fall out when things go wrong can be significant and multifaceted.

In this event, we’ll examine the widespread crises impacting the reputations at firm and industry level for asset management. This event is for anyone working in marketing/comms across asset management, and will cover:

  • Types of crises that impact reputation
  • The role of marketing and comms in reputation management
  • Best practices for mitigating crisis
  • Upcoming regulatory changes specific to asset management

From cases such as Crispin Odey, to DWS greenwashing and the Woodford Equity Income collapse. Asset management has had its fair share of crises.

With reputational fall out ranging from diminished trust and credibility to regulatory sanctions, loss of licence and bankruptcy, how can firms, prepare, mitigate and recover reputation in times of crisis?


Chaired by:

  • David Masters, asset management lead and host of the (mis)Conduct, Money & Reputation podcast, Lansons/Team Farner


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