What do your Stakeholders Expect from the Marketing Team?

Get Ahead in Investment Marketing

Every marketing function will find it has a long list of stakeholders who need to be managed carefully. Investment banking is no exception. But the reality is that the importance of the Marketing function differs vastly between sectors. The perception in Investment Banking is its a back office function but should be more closely aligned to business development. Is it possible to tie Marketing back to new business and make it measurable ? If not , what function is it performing ? Understanding stakeholders as well as their needs, desires, characters, feelings, levels of influence, perceptions, etc. is something that requires strong communication and people skills. This session will bring together representatives from some of the stakeholders groups in this sector, identify their key requirements, and ask what role marketing plays in meeting these needs.

Panellists Include:

Mark Arena, Managing Director, Head of Communications and Marketing, CB&S, Deutsche Bank (Chair)

David Riley, Strategic Advisor, Source Consulting

Bernard Del Rey, CEO, Capital Position Ventures

Juliana Wheeler, Consultant, Wheeler Communications

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