Webinar: Making digital services more accessible using inclusive design principles


Did you know 22% of the UK population lack the digital capabilities needed to access your online services?

This figure is more poignant than ever, given the impacts of COVID-19 accelerating the demand for digital services. Every day millions of people struggle to use digital products and services because the design fails to understand their needs. Irrespective of TCF and regulation, from a business perspective, tapping into this wider market should be a no-brainer – yet, finding the right solution is not so simple. It is only by adopting an inclusive, user-centred way of thinking that you can make meaningful progress.

The conversation will be led by Research Director Phil Brooks, who has delivered award-winning research programmes within the financial services sector and Associate Director Dave Jackson, a leading specialist in assisted digital design. User Researcher Natalie Harney and guest speaker Julie McCallen, Service Manager of HM Courts & Tribunals Service,  will showcase an award-nominated project ENGINE is currently delivering for the UK Government who are paving the way in helping to make essential services accessible for the most vulnerable.

Dave Jackson, Associate Director, ENGINE Transformation
Phil Brooks, Research Director, ENGINE Transformation
Natalie Harney, User Researcher, ENGINE Transformation
Julie McCallen, Service Manager, HM Courts and Tribunals Service

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