Webinar: Engaging with Gen Z


Gen Z is set to be the most diverse, money-conscious and financially literate of any generation, with a mobile-first mindset and progressive attitudes to social injustice, sustainability and distribution of wealth. Amid a world ravaged by the impact of the global pandemic, they want to be a force for change, and they expect the brands they interact with to be part of that force for good.

How can financial services engage Gen Z, the first truly digital native generation? What lessons can be learnt as this cohort enters the workplace? Does the FS sector have the insights, technology and mindset that will connect and resonate meaningfully with the next generation?

If the answer to that is NO, in this session we will try and find some answers.


Iona Bain, Author and Founder of Young Money Blog
Janina Enrile, UX Writer, Cleo AI
Cicely King, Research Consultant, Savanta
Zoe Davies, Consultant, Savanta
Chair: Lauren Mason, Editor, Investment Week

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