Webinar: CMO Surgery – Fintechs in the Coronavirus Era


Sharing knowledge, expertise and learning is in The Forum’s DNA; never has this been a more urgent imperative if FS businesses are to survive the global crisis and help keep the UK economy going.

In this session our weekly CMO Surgery will shine the spotlight on fintechs, looking at the challenges different types of fintech are facing as a result of the pandemic compared to established players. How has this sector responded? Has their relative agility in terms of size and tech given them a clear advantage over the established incumbents with much deeper pockets? How have they adapted to the new business environment? Indeed has it been a spur for innovation? What can traditional models learn from fintechs - and vice versa?

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Elizabeth Basten, Chief Marketing Officer, Wealth Wizards
Peter Janes, CEO & Founder, Shieldpay
Jasper Martens, Chief Marketing Officer, PensionBee
Kirsty Maxey, CEO, Teamspirit

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