Voice Technology for Financial Services


“By 2020, half of all searches will be conducted via voice.” That particular and much repeated prediction may not quite have held true, but for marketers there’s no hiding from the widespread adoption of voice search technology and its effects on internet usage. Voice search will have a direct effect on your digital marketing strategy and, inevitably, impact your business. Whether or not this will bring positive or negative results depends on how well you adapt your strategy to the changing landscape. Voice search is fast, convenient, and if your website is optimized effectively, your business could be the first (possibly the only) one a digital personal assistant suggests. This session will examine the fast-changing voice landscape, consider different uses for voice technology and highlight examples of success and innovation within financial services.


Neil Ballinger, Head of Customer Experience, Nimbletank
Katy Bass, Founder & CEO, Altavox
Kane Simms, Co-Founder, VUX World

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