Video Killed the Radio Star: A Sharp Focus on Personalisation for FS Customer Experience  


How do financial services brands really show up for their customers across the CX landscape? Recent research from McKinsey found that 71% of consumers now expect personalisation in their interactions with brands. The study also found that 76% of consumers felt frustrated when brands failed to deliver on that expectation.

One-to-one personalised, customer engagement at scale was once the unachievable holy grail. But now, more than ever, personalised video and motion content is not only scalable, but expected across your customer base.

In this panel discussion, we’ll be:

• exploring how brand marketeers can best use personalised video content to better connect with existing and future customers

• examining the role hyper-personalisation via unique combinations of data points can play

• discovering how smart targeting and segmentation can revolutionise the comms journey whilst also looking at the role automation and AI play in the CX landscape.

Alongside this, we’ll examine category insights, discuss the important role Consumer Duty plays, and predict some of the trends for the year ahead.

You'll come away with a blueprint for how financial services marketers can use video to serve micro-personalised information in an engaging format, meeting evolving customer expectations.

With a ground-breaking announcement from openAI on the soft launch of text-to-video tool Sora last week, it feels as if we are on the cusp of a new AI-driven creative revolution in personalised video. Now is the time to broaden your understanding of exactly how and where these tools can play into your current and future strategy.



  • Tim Green, DCX Lead Strategist 
  • Jamie Coggans, DCX Creative Director 
  • Hosted by Alex Sword, Editor, The Financial Services Forum

Additional speakers TBC


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