The Power of Leveraging Brand Partnerships

You can spend as much as you want on great creative and content, but if it’s not reaching the right audience, it may be wasted. Mass advertising works well for exposing brands to large audiences, but the credibility of a trusted influencer or partner is often much more effective in reaching niche, targeted communities.

In this event we’ll hear how financial services marketers can unlock new dedicated and loyal audiences through working strategically with other brands.


Hear from:

Nicola Constantinou, Channel Marketing Manager for UK Intermediary, Vanguard, was the instigator and driver of a hugely successful brand tie-up between Vanguard and Tough Mudder (the latter’s first to our knowledge) last November; she has also spearheaded PR efforts around the event and the activation marketing.

Ele Ward, CMO at Ctrl Alt, who is harnessing the power of B2B2C partnerships with neobanks and influencers to reach the right people.

Adam Lees, Head of Marketing at ETF platform InvestEngine, discusses working with asset managers, affiliates and influencers to build trust, authority and audiences.

Marco Logiudice, Co-Founder, prograd: Delve into the Gen Z perspective with Marco's expertise in education-driven finance marketing. Uncover the magic of gamification, rewards, and seamless tech integration to captivate and convert young audiences.


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