The Marketing Moment: Evidencing the Value of Marketing


Is marketing forever condemned, like Sisyphus, to forever be pushing a boulder uphill?

With the endless cycle of boom and bust, how can marketing ensure it is part of the long term strategic thinking that allows it to work with the cycles, not be a victim of them?

How can marketing integrate itself properly at board level to ensure that when costs are under pressure, the marketing budget is not the first to go? With a balance of evidenced results and persuasion, can marketers effectively define their role and its importance within a wider business setting?

With a new downturn comes the same old question. With technology, analytics & A.I, will it be different this time? Marketers have new and exciting tools at their disposal that allow them to speak the boardroom language and engage the CFO.  How can marketers be empowered and confident in defending budgets and also advocating for a greater role for business strategy?



  • Joanne Merecido, Head of Marketing & Group Business Development, LEAP
  • Richard Benton, Director of Performance Marketing, Personal Group
  • Abba Newbery, Chief Marketing Officer, CIRCA5000
  • Vincent Hooplot, COO & Chief Strategist, Fundamental Media


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