The London Mortgages Forum – Tech ’24


No one doubts that there are significant changes coming in the way in which the UK housing and mortgage markets operate, driven by the deployment of digital and technological developments.

In recent years, in this group, we have heard from spokespeople and firms about blockchain, about digital workflow and digital land registration, about open banking and online case submission and tracking, and of course about the impact of AI.  All of these exciting new initiatives have been due to happen “in the near future” – and some have, indeed, arrived.

But in this session, we want to concentrate on actual planned deliveries in the next year – hence the title – “Tech ‘24”.  What will actually be delivered next year and how will it change the way we go about our business?

We will hear from key players in our markets who will tell us cold hard facts about what to expect and when.


Chaired by:

  • Stephen Smith, Deputy Chairman, FSF Mortgages Advisory Board



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