The Internet’s Got Talent! – A Guide to Social Media


In a saturated market, relating to your audience is paramount in securing business and making sure your brand stays relevant.

With new channels legitimising social media as a site for client acquisition and the role of influencers in marketing, how do you ensure your social strategy stays true to your brand? Programmatic solutions offer marketers more control over the people and channels they associate with and bring the power back into the hands of marketing departments - could they be part of the key to truly successful social media campaigns?

Our experts will present case studies and approaches around the successful use of social media strategies. They will discuss the ins and outs of programmatic social media content and influencer acquisition, along with how you can coordinate both to engage with potential clients in novel ways.



  • Dominic Traynor, Global Head of Digital Experience, BNY Mellon
  • Gemma Russell, Head of Paid Media, Fountain Partnership
  • Izzy Price, Head of Social Media & Digital Sentiment, SJP
  • Lisa Barnett, Content Marketing Manager, Phoenix Group

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