Sweet Harmony: Ensuring Brand Consistency Across Touchpoints


A set of inconsistent interactions with a brand can have a damaging impact on customer relations and erode trust.

With various touchpoints ranging from social media to customer complaints and reviews, a brand promise delivered in one channel can be undermined in another. How can marketeers ensure that they keep a consistent tone of voice across their brand? How do you take a holistic approach that harmonises channels to ensure a uniform delivery of brand values?


Our panel of brand experts will share insights for creating a consistent voice across brand touchpoints.



  • Louise Mason, Head of Marketing, Tesco Bank
  • Rachael Oku, VP Brand & Communications, Pensionbee
  • Jo Merecido, Head of Group Marketing & Business Development, LEAP
  • Justin Deaville, Managing Director, Receptional
  • Simon Loughlin, Business Development Manager, Receptional

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