Sustainable Marketing: Principle VS Profit?


As marketers enter 2023 with the mammoth task of striking the balance between purpose-led communication and messaging compatible with the cost of living crisis, marketing budgets once again find themselves under pressure, leading many to ask: Will ESG and sustainability drives have to take a back seat? 

Whilst the mood in the boardroom may be less than jolly, the consumer demand for responsible products has never been higher, with PwC recording that two thirds of European Institutional Investors plan to stop investing in non-ESG funds - and that 71.9% of these would in fact be willing to pay a premium for ESG products.

At a time when brands will need to tip-toe around recession and increased financial hardship to the consumer, how can they balance this with the roaring appetite for responsible financial products? Can principle and profit co-exist, or will this be an either-or scenario? Does this herald an end to ESG-heavy marketing, or is this the emergence of a new sustainable marketing model?


Chaired by:

  • Fiona Couper, Chief Marketing Officer, Teamspirit




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