Understanding and Executing Personas in Digital for 2021 and Beyond


The past 12 months have seen a huge impact on financial services, affecting consumers and organisations alike. Despite this turbulence, we have seen that the right strategies, focusing on key priorities and investment in customer experience are enabling companies to be more agile and quickly respond to the rapid changes in customer behaviour and new digital customer demands.

Engaging customers via the best digital content with the right message at the right time has always been a goal. In 2021 customer expectations are at an all-time high and attention is hard to earn in a world where digital is now the primary interaction channel.

Given that bespoke engagement enhances customers’ lives, optimises loyalty and grows your brand value, how can Financial Services brands stay relevant and deliver digital moments that stand out from the crowd?

A powerful content management system is just the beginning. True customer insight is achieved when you can combine customer data, analytics, AI, and marketing automation capabilities to nurture customers throughout their journey with personalised content in real-time, across any channel. So, where do you start?

Join Sitecore and discover how to create standout personalised customer experiences at scale with a single platform to handle any disruption.



Mike Plimsoll, Snr. Director, Industry Strategy & Marketing, Sitecore
Jacqueline Baxter, Senior Digital Strategist, Sitecore


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