Delivering Long-Term Content Strategies


The inconvenient truths.

Content. Still everywhere. Still the closest thing we’ve got to a customer engagement silver bullet. But here’s an inconvenient truth: financial services organisations are still not using content as effectively as they could.

Most marketing departments' content strategy is not aligned with the longer-term strategic plan. As competition for the customers' attention intensifies, meaningful engagement through a long-term content strategy is where enlightened FS firms are heading.

Overcoming siloed structures and reward structures that focus on short-term ROI wins is a huge challenge. But if financial services firms are to harness the strength of content, to build long-term meaningful relationships in a journey that’s becoming increasingly non-linear, these challenges have to be overcome.

We will tackle legacy marketing attitudes which are driving misuse of content and consider strategies for long term business benefit.

Speakers include:

John Cooper, Director of Content, Editions Financial

Kevin Hearn, Director of Content Marketing Strategy, Editions Financial

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