Retaining & Growing your Customer Base During Economic Uncertainty


2023 is expected to be a difficult year for businesses across the financial services sector, with changeable economic conditions likely to hinder and disrupt corporate efforts to navigate safely through the year – as such, companies should be looking to limit the impact this has on consumer behaviour.

Identifying factors that can drive market success will be essential not only for surviving this next year, but also for securing growth and success, as well as addressing key consumer concerns around inflation and uncertainty.

Where acquiring, retaining, and growing your customer base is becoming an increasingly dynamic endeavour, what can be done to limit disruption and create new opportunities? Join Mediaworks and Metro Bank as they consider how digital and data should underpin effective performance marketing strategies, guarantee business insight for success in an ever-turbulent market, and build resilience in an economic downturn.



  • Tom Chandler, Head of Paid Media, Mediaworks
  • Alex Rapallo, Lead Digital Marketing Manager, Metro Bank


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