The Challenge of Low-Cost Non-Advice Platforms


With the continued success of the Robo Advisers and the recent launches of super-low-cost alternatives what are the implications for traditional Investment Management Services?

For some, the simple low cost model offered by the new entrants is a very serious alternative.

Good advice is worth paying more for but that becomes a value proposition based on the excess risk adjusted return over the fees paid. Just being held in a set of investments which tick over every year is not.

What are the challenges for the top end of investment management and how can good marketing and traditional premium five star service help combat the challenge of the low cost providers?

Speakers Include:

John Elder, Managing Director, Knox Investment Consulting

Heather Hopkins, Director of Research, The Platforum

Sasha Dabliz, Marketing Director, Rothschild Wealth Management

Samantha Seaton, Chief Executive Officer, Moneyhub

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