‘Nudge for Good’ to Build Brand Trust (Webinar)


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Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness, the ground-breaking behavioural economics work, is now 10 years old. The ‘nudge’ approach is already widely used in financial services marketing but it can still do more - as a positive brand engagement strategy.

Financial services can build brand trust by adopting a ‘nudge for good’ approach - not only delivering marketing responses but making a positive difference to their customers’ lives at the same time.

Because social media is already outing brands employing marketing nudges that trick customers into actions not in their best interests, #sludge, - does it mean that 2019 calls for more coherent corporate ‘nudge’ policies?

We present ideas on using ‘nudging’ tactically and strategically to positively engage people with financial services products and brands.

Speakers include:

Maria Borstnar, Consumer Psychologist, Engagement Adviser, Nudge2Engage

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