Marketing to the Elderly: The Approach to Retirement and Beyond

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Is the language and imagery used to target financial products to the elderly appropriate, or can it be patronising? With the recent changes to financial planning in the budget, could there ever be a more important time to engage with those at and in retirement? The Chancellor announced all are to receive free impartial face to face advice with effect from next April. How can financial services make this communication effective? Ageism persists in marketing communications. There is usually a rose-tinted view of a happy retirement which portrays contentment, sunsets and intimacy. Communication to those in Retirement also gets more complicated with changing needs in Retirement and the complexities of dealing with communication to not only the individual but potentially their family as well. Marketing to this segment needs more authenticity. With an ageing population, what is the best practice for marketing to this growing demographic?

Speakers Include:

Alastair Black, Head of Customer Income Solutions, Standard Life (Chair)

Richard Cope, Senior Trends Consultant, Mintel

Teresa Roux, Director, Bdifferent Andy Humphreys, Head of Group Marketing, Just Retirement

Tish Hanifan, Joint Chair, Society of Later Life Advisors

Andy Humphreys, Director of Marketing, Just Retirement

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