Marketing Evolution in Response to Regulation


With regulation incoming from the FCA to prevent price walking from 2022, the general insurance industry is set to see major change.

The new pricing remedies/rules will affect consumer behaviour, prices and profitability across the sector, from price comparison sites to brokers and insurers.

This event will look to the opportunity this could present for marketeers in an evolving market. This change to regulation will be relevant to marketeers beyond general insurance as we ask:

- How do you position your brand and evolve with regulation?
- How will new rules affect switching behaviour, and could brands see increased consumer loyalty?
- How should marketing departments develop and adapt their strategies in response to regulatory changes?
- Will valued-added services and brand positioning become more important in the retail space?



Sam White, CEO, Freedom Services Group
Adam Knight, Partner, Insurance Risk and Regulation, Deloitte
Loren Gould, Marketing Director, Cuvva
Dylan Bourguignon, CEO, so-sure

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