How to Make a TV Advert on a Budget


How to make a TV advert (to match your budget), that delivers your target audience and satisfies the board.

If you have ever thought about advertising on TV but dismissed it as too expensive, think again.

Getting onto TV doesn't have to be budget busting, time consuming and wasteful.

Through technology, we are seeing an increasing number of first time advertisers harnessing the medium that previously had considered themselves too niche, not right for TV or lacking the necessary budgetary horsepower.

But TV can now play an integral role in your direct advertising strategic planning that won't make the CFO hyperventilate but will please the board.

In this joint session with Sky AdSmart we look at the practicalities of getting onto TV; from actually making an ad (script, location, casting, production, music composition, edit, audio mix) (with guest speakers from creative agency Contented group) to TV campaigns that target just your ideal viewer (and the smaller costs this entails).


Speakers Include

David Sanderson, Head of Sky AdSmart, Sky Media






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