An Introduction to Psychographic Segmentation


Do you really understand your target audiences and what makes them tick? Join us to learn about psychographic segmentation and its transformative potential for your marketing endeavours, offering new ways of understanding customers based on their attitudes and life stages as opposed to simply demographics.

Our three sessions will provide you with the practical expertise to apply psychographic segmentation in your business.


  • Simon Tunna, Director, Savanta
  • Rachel Manning, Director, Savanta

Hear how Charles Stanley implemented a revamped segmentation approach to better understand and target new clients.

  • Vicky Groombridge, Director of Products & Insight, Sagacity

Learn about what psychographic segmentation is and its advantages.

  • Dan Thwaites, Co-Founder & Chief Strategic Officer, Capuchin Behavioural Science
  • Patrick Fagan, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Capuchin Behavioural Science

Learn about various psychographic profiles and how to best cater to them using behavioural science.



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