Breaking Through the Compliance Barriers to Using AI in Marketing


The power of AI to transform FS marketing is evident, but due to the shackles of compliance, many CMOs tell us that their ability to actually implement it is painfully slow.

In this session we’ll hear concrete examples from the Global Head of Digital Marketing at BNP Paribas Asset Management and others about how these barriers were overcome to truly harness the power of these innovative new technologies.

Including practitioners from the technology and legal worlds, the panel will highlight practical and effective ways you can innovate while ensuring that your use of AI remains ethical, lawful and responsible.

The panel discussion at Instincf’s offices at 65 Gresham St, will include:

  • Establishing robust data governance frameworks
  • Conducting thorough audits of AI algorithms to detect and address bias and discrimination
  • Maintaining transparent communication with customers regarding data usage
  • Crafting clear HR policies on the utilisation of digital likenesses and cloning technologies



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