Icons & Influencers: The Future of Marketing


The meteoric rise of social media platforms and influencer culture have led to the acceptance of influencer marketing techniques as part of the mainstream.

Whilst other industries have been quick to tap into this trend and use influencers as a key part of their marketing arsenal, the financial services have been a late adopter, only now starting to branch out into this market – but is it too little too late? With influencers in high demand and the market over-saturated, how do you create something that will stand out against the competition? Does influencer marketing have a place in a tightly regulated sector like financial services, and how do you make sure that your messaging doesn’t get lost in the sea of social media voices?

This seminar will delve into how to choose the right social media channels and influencers to align with your brand messaging, and how to avoid falling foul of the regulator in a space where the boundaries between business and media can become rapidly blurred.




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