How to Survive a Downturn

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Downturns usually involve implementing headcount cuts, communicating difficult messages and delivering bad news. Mishandled this can disillusion the survivors, create a small army of potential litigants in the marketplace, damage your corporate reputation and even fail to deliver the cost savings that were originally demanded. In a lively and interactive session, role play actors represent the key stakeholders in a redundancy planning scenario – including Finance, Legal and HR.

Speakers Include:

Sarah Dudney, Founding Partner, Ignite
Adrian Hoggarth, Head of Employment Law, Prolegal
Louise Taft, Employment lawyer, Prolegal
Laura Robinson, Barrister, Tanfield Chambers
Karen Hale, senior consultant, Ignite
Caroline Lawrie, Ignite, role play actor
Stephen Critchlow, Ignite, role play actor


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