Generating New Business via Brand Differentiation


We look at branding in the PBWM sector.

How can PBWM businesses differentiate themselves from competitors that offer similar products and services? Not just challenger brands offering new business models and technology, but the traditional players with an historic brand DNA.

For those working in the sector, there are clear distinctions between brands, but are these lost on the consumer? One of the biggest challenges facing marketers is making sure their company’s products and services stand out from the competition, and that potential customers see and understand the differences between service providers.

This session will offer insights gathered from research into how consumers decide which service provider to use, and how agencies can help brands articulate differentiation.


Speakers include:

Anna Lane, CEO, The Wisdom Council

Torie Bold, Managing Director, Custom Research, Wealth-X

Charles Ansdell, Head of Professional and Financial Services, Redleaf

Chair: John Elder, Managing Director, Knox Investment Consulting

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