Is GDPR Good or Bad for Business?


It is not difficult to be critical of GDPR if one chooses to do so. Its complexity can be daunting and its effectiveness will be put to the test at every instance. Yet underneath its prescriptive text, there is a well-intended attempt to make compatible with our digital future. Responsible businesses should not fear GDPR but learn to work with it and see it as a way of future-proofing its data practices.

In this highly topical session we examine how GDPR should be good news for business customers. Personal data will be more secure, and the rate of spam marketing will come down. For those businesses investing resources to protect their clients' interests can they look forward to competitive advantage? How can that be achieved?

Speakers Include:

Paul Winters, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, CACI

Paul Malyon, Professional Services, Data Strategy Manager, Experian

Jonathan Harman, Managing Director, Media, Royal Mail

David McCann, Planning Director, Teamspirit (Chair)

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