Those saying that blockchain may transform everything may be right. The questions around blockchain have moved on from what, to how.

We are witnessing the move from potential into practical, with the implementation of technology becoming mainstream.

With claims of an exponential inflection point in the technological impact on the financial services sector, how have business models revolutionised?

It is predicted that blockchain will transform the digital relationship between brands and consumers, but what are the benefits to marketers and how will it create value?

New product and innovation that benefits customer outcomes, experience and satisfaction will drive the marketing function.

We will examine how blockchain will impact existing providers and the threat they face from the shooting star innovators.

Speakers Include:

Mike Foster, Managing Director, Financial Services, Fujitsu (Chair)

Anthony Macey, Head of Blockchain R&D, Barclays

Helen Disney, Founder, Unblocked

Paul Gordon, CEO, Quantave



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