FinTech: Disruptor or Business Accelerator?


What are the challenges and opportunities for traditional provider businesses as they grapple with the rip tide by FinTech?

Technological innovation, bright minds and expectant, speculative, venture capital backing is creating a tsunami of new products that can either be threatening or welcoming to the status quo.

How do you manage your business in the face of this assault of ideas?  How do you ensure that you are not being left behind, but at the same time, not dazzled by the shiny lights?

How are different companies dealing with the same issues?  Is it a distraction to your main business?  How do you understand the new offerings and embrace innovation and welcome the barbarians at the gates?

We look at some of the products that are in development or have recently come to market.  We then consider the strategic options available (innovation committees, disruptor partnerships) that will ensure positive outcomes.


Speakers Include:

Kit Carson, Head of Retail Banking and Consumer Payments, Verdict Financial

Louise Beaumont, Head of Public Affairs & Marketing, GLI Finance

Angelos Mouzakitis, Program Director, Octopus Investments

Dominic Traynor, Head of Digital, M&G

Lee Sankey, Founder, Door Global


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