Financial Inequality: How Can Financial Services Help?


Financial inequality is a prominent point of social and political debate around the world, but what role do financial services have to play in this debate?

In an increasingly polarised world of have and have-nots, the focus has been drawn to what can be done to eradicate these differences – but is it the place of financial services to engage in these discussions?

Whilst financial services may have a limited role to play in the eradication of inequality, perhaps there is something to be done with communication and preventative measures, be it through increased efforts to engage with vulnerable customers or building financial resilience through inclusive and well thought-out marketing strategies.

In this seminar we will tackle the global issue of inequality and ask what the role of financial services are in the face of this problem, how marketers can better build financial resilience by communicating effectively with their most at-risk clients, and what opportunities have arisen for addressing financial inequality before it sets in amongst UK consumers.


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